Iltsy, Verkhovinsky district

Two-story wooden house $ 50,000

House area 80 sq.m. Roof - metal
For sale a two-storey house in the Carpathians made of wood with a plot. Located on a fenced plot of 22 acres, in the village of Iltsy, 20 meters from the river. The area of ​​the house is 80 sq.m.
Distance to Verkhovyna 6 km.

The house has all communications - light, water, septic tank.
Fireplace on the ground floor, sauna, two balconies, three bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, kitchen
Heating - solid fuel boiler. Boiler
Interior wall decoration - lining
Clean air, starry sky, silence around. The house was built for myself. Nearby mountains, hills and forest
A country road leads to the house with a year-round access to the house. An asphalt road is 400 meters away. The nearest neighbors are 200 meters away.

Home coordinates°09'10.6"N+24°45'37.1"E/@48.153572,24.7561999,17z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0!7e2!8m2! 3d48.1529346! 4d24.7603093

PRICE: $ 50,000

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