Bogorodchany village, Bogorodchansky district

House in the village of Bogorodchany 120 sq.m. $42,000

A beautiful view of the Carpathian Mountains opens from here. In a 10-minute drive by car, there are hiking trails in the Carpathian Mountains.
House of 120 square meters in the village of Bogorodchany

Two-story house made of spruce beams is for sale in the village of Bogorodchany, Bogorodchansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Area: 120 sq.m. In four rooms, living rooms, stoves (grubes) made of maroon tiles are built into the walls. 2 more rooms are waiting for your imagination. It is possible to remodel and make two rooms, one large space with access to the second floor. A beautiful view of the Carpathian Mountains opens from here.

The area of ​​the land plot is 30 hundredths. The house is surrounded on three sides by a metal fence, on the fourth side by a picket fence. In the yard there is an orchard in which apple trees, plums, cherries, plums, currants and lilac bushes grow. The distance to the Stara Huta (Old Swallow) - Ivano-Frankivsk track is 300 meters. On the other side of the house at a distance of 300 meters, the river Bystrytsia Solotvynska flows. The depth of which sometimes reaches from 1 to 1.5 meters.

Nearby is the "Borody" massif, which is rich in lingonberries, black berries, and mushrooms. And a very beautiful high mountain lake is a 45-minute walk away. In sunny weather, the massif offers a gorgeous view of the entire Bogorodchansky district.

In half a day on foot, you can reach the Manyavsky mountain waterfall, the height of which reaches 20 meters, which is located in the neighboring village. In a 10-minute drive by car, there are hiking trails in the Carpathian Mountains. In the same place is the presidential residence, where various presidents of Ukraine came for the winter holidays.

Having set aside half a day for the hike, it is possible to visit the mountains: Sivulya, Lapushnaya, Ihrovets, Serednya, Buryovka, Visoka and others. At a distance of 2-3 days of hiking in the mountains, you can reach the famous lake in the Carpathians - Synevyr.

The price for the house is $42,000

Karpaty Dream sells houses in the Carpathian Mountains. After all, for twenty years, we have been helping clients who have chosen our company to select the best of the best plots of land in the mountains of Western Ukraine. A large number of people whose employment is connected with the work of online sales have already moved to the Carpathian region. Other clients buy a plot in the Carpathians, leave the bustle and pressure of big cities. Another category of potential buyers for investment and development of the tourist direction of business projects in the Carpathians, or the construction of cottages in the mountains, and further, because it is very profitable nowadays, considering that people are ready to buy ready-made and modern construction above the options that satisfy the request for purchase lands in the Carpathians. It boils down to the fact that the Western part of Ukraine takes on a different appearance, despite various events in Ukraine. We are ready to consider your request for a plot of land or a cottage complex in the Carpathians and make a selection of proposals that are worthy of attention. Write and come, we will help save your time and €.

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