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Carpathians - a trip with a TV presenter in the footsteps of Dmitry Komarov

Representatives of the press service of Dmitry Komarov spoke about how they followed in the footsteps of Dmitry Komarov. During the trip, they visited the mountainous forests of Verkhovyna, flew in the sky over the Montenegrin ridge and managed to taste the Carpathian whiskey with honey. It is hardly necessary to remind already in the preface that every trip with Dmitry Komarov is a real action and incredible adventure. And this has absolutely nothing to do with where we are on the planet.

Of course, this was especially felt in the native Carpathians. It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised by the fact that here Dmitry managed to incredibly harmoniously combine relaxing sights and extreme sights. We wanted to hear, and we heard the incredible melodic murmur of mountain rivers, and taste the soft salty cheese, the pleasant aroma of trout fed with homemade cottage cheese and smoked on the grill.

Our journey brought together radically opposite things in their spirit. For example, flying on a small plane over the Carpathian mountains and sleeping on bee hives. In general - a real "roller coaster". TV viewers will be able to see many of these curiosities in the programs of the project "Mandroi Ukraine with Dmitry Komarov", the first series of which was released on May 9, 2021 on the 1 + 1 channel.

Dima and I went through part of his route, which later became part of a television show and personally experienced all the delights of Ukrainian tourism.
Budz, vurda or feta cheese - who cares?

“I’m going to the distant mountains, on the wide meadows” - these are the lines you just want to tighten. The play of Vladimir Ivasyuk’s song is the first thing that comes to mind when you start climbing the Psarevka meadow. It is located near the village of Bystrets, Verkhovinsky district. When we arrived,

The meadows were already preparing to receive sheep, cows and goats in order to start the work process at their authentic cheese dairies already in mid-May.
Yes, yes, do not be surprised right here for four months right on the meadows, surrounded by the most beautiful mountain slopes, and they cook incredibly delicious varieties of Hutsul cheese - budz, vurda and cheese. They differ from each other in taste, structure and manufacturing technology of the product.

Budz - smoked cheese, has a rather thick brown crust. Vurda, a tender mass of cheese, is somewhat sweet and is ideal as a filling for traditional Ukrainian dumplings or nalisniks. Brynza, or as the locals call it, is a special crumbly type of cheese ground with salt. Each of these cheeses is prepared in cheese dairies on meadows located at a height of 700 meters.

Every year the number of cheese dairies in the meadows decreases. They must be preserved, as this is the real heritage of Ukraine. And this is no exaggeration, Dmitry Komarov says so. Letov, on a good sunny day, don't be lazy - visit the cheese makers and look at the whole process of cheese making from the inside.

Work there is just in full swing - hundreds of kilograms of cheese on top, no less cheese at the bottom. It is incredibly interesting to look at this endless cheese-making process from the inside. At such moments, it seems that tourist routes are not needed at all, the real life of ordinary inhabitants of the Carpathian mountains is much more interesting.
Just imagine that every day 50-60 kilograms of freshly brewed cheese passes through the hands of each cheese maker, and for the whole season they process almost 6 tons of a dairy product.

Cheese is brewed from different types of milk - goat, cow, and especially exclusive version - sheep with the addition of "glek". This is a special enzyme that cheese makers get from the stomach of a small lamb or calf. It is impossible to cook real Carpathian cheese without this component.

Only a few people live on the meadow with a cheese factory. Each of them has their own specific responsibilities. The owner is a person who rented sheep and cows from local villagers, a cheese maker was directly involved in the preparation of cheese and shepherds for grazing. In most cases there are two.

True, the process of milking is a joint duty and cows are milked by everyone without exception. By the way, those who have free time and a desire to try something new can ask for a cheese factory and get a job as assistants.

According to the cheese makers themselves, it is impossible to privatize the lands of the meadow. They lease it from the state. After the cheeses are cooked, a section takes place. Part of the goods is received by the owner of the meadow, the other part goes to the owners of cows and sheep, and the third already remains with the cheese makers themselves, who subsequently sell them.

You can buy and taste any of the types of traditional Hutsul cheeses right in the cheese factory, on the spot. You will definitely not stay hungry in the meadow, and Dmitry Komarov and I did not remain hungry either. If you are lucky enough to visit these places, be sure to buy a couple of kilograms for yourself. This will not only provide incredible taste delights, but will also help to preserve this unique craft.

bee hotel
Our next stop was the estate of Peter. Arriving in the village of Krasnyk, Ivano-Frankivsk region, we saw a lot of interesting things for ourselves. And the beekeeper Peter is simply a jack of all trades. He prepares honey, he makes honey whiskey, and he heals with bee therapy, that is, bee stings. In addition, he can play 10 musical instruments and is an extremely pleasant conversationalist.

But this is not the most surprising. His estate is a real bee hotel, there is simply nowhere else to relax in comfort on beehives with bees. Real, live hives stand right inside the bed. From the side of the bed itself, the couch is hermetically sealed and the bees do not fly around the room, the only thing that reminds you that you are in a bee hotel is the special vibration that the bee buzz creates.

Falling asleep in such a place is extremely easy, as Dima himself says, here you simply pass out. The sensations are very cool and unusual, but extremely pleasant. And note that this is said by Dima, who has traveled almost the whole world and experienced many of the delights of the world. Of course, it is impossible to count all the flying favorites of the beekeeper Peter. But, on average, about 80,000 bees live in his hives, 20,000 for each of the 52 hives.

Karpatka is a special kind of bees, they are ideally adapted to mountain conditions and are considered the best bee breed throughout the country. Peter gets more than just honey from bees. They produce wax and propolis, royal jelly and fervor. A special and little-known product is interesting - drone homogenate. These are 9-10 day old drone larvae, which are subsequently ground into a homogeneous mass. All these components are very rich in trace elements and vitamins, and this has already been confirmed by official medicine.

Peter is happy to share all his goodness with all his guests. It will not only provide you with bee honey, but also feed you delicious hearty dishes of traditional cuisine. By the way, summer honey straight from the apiary can be safely considered the most delicious in the world. Dmitry Komarov, tasting this honey, noted that he liked the Carpathian honey much more than the one that is obtained in the mountains of the Himalayas.
Dima says that Himalayan honey is hallucinogenic.

That is, eating it more than two spoons is not recommended even by the locals themselves. Once he fell ill and was so carried away by tea with honey that he ate half a can in one sitting. After that, he had such dreams that he lost the desire to eat him again for the rest of his life. Unlike Himalayan, our honey can be eaten without restriction. And feel both happy and healthy.

And of course, one cannot but stop separately at the tasting of the unique Carpathian whiskey with honey - MadebyPetro, as the locals called it. The drink includes 8 different components, including barley and malt, propolis and galangal. Before going on sale, honey whiskey is aged in special oak barrels, where the oak is at least 70 years old. Unusually tasty but also strong enough. But Dmitry Komarov recommends a glass for mood to everyone.

Carpathian sky
Our next stop on our itinerary was Kolomyia. There you can walk along the cozy city streets, where time seems to have stopped many years ago. The Pysanka Museum is very interesting with its uniquely painted six thousand exhibits. The rich National Museum of Pokuttya and Hutsul region with an incredibly interesting collection.
Fans of extreme sports can immediately go to the local airfield. Unforgettable flights over the Carpathian roads are a pleasure that cannot be expressed in words or photos in stories.

From a height you can see Hoverla, Khomyak, Gorany. Emotions will be just incredible. Here at the airfield you have the opportunity to meet the legendary pilot of the Ukrainian military aviation, pilot Igor Tabanyuk. It was with him that Dmitry Komarov made his record flight in a small four-seater plane, which was even included in the Book of Records of Ukraine. Igor Tabanyuk has been piloting for over 40 years. Now he independently develops and fully maintains the Kolomyia airfield.

Perhaps you will be one of the lucky ones with whom this legendary pilot will take to the skies.
Dmitry himself calls the Montenegrin ridge one of his favorite places in the Carpathian mountains. It is here that all the two-thousanders are collected - this is the name of the mountains, the height of which exceeds 2000 meters. We are talking about Goverla, Petros, Brebeneskul, Gutin Tomnatik, Rib and Pop Ivan.

Dmitry personally calls these mountains his "places of power". He admits that the charge of energy received here is enough for him for years to come. By the way, in "Mandruy Ukraina..." Dima promises to show all 7 peaks taken by him from unusual angles.
I really recommend to all tourists who have visited these places to see Hoverla, the Chernogorsky Range, Khomyak, and Dragobrat. You can choose any route - walking, air travel, in any case, emotions will be simply enchanting. If you combine flying on an airplane and walking, you get a real 3D image.

Such impressions, supplemented from all sides, will never be forgotten. I have already flown over Hoverla 6 times and still every time I get a lot of incredible breathtaking emotions.

P.S. And now for a snack! While visiting Kolomyia, look for a product in local markets that the locals call cheese cones. This is how the Hutsuls call the traditional gifts that the shepherd brings to children returning from the mountain meadows. These are edible toys. They are made of cheese, which tastes like suluguni and looks like fancy horses. Cheese is brewed according to original recipes of Carpathian cheese makers from mountain meadows. The pleasure is just incredibly magical.
For those who have not been to the Carpathians :)