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Where can you relax in the Carpathian region

All people around the world know the famous Carpathian mountains located in Ukraine. They are known for their comfort, and it is also very interesting to spend their holidays there at any time of the year. In summer, in hot weather, there is a real opportunity to walk and enjoy nature, fresh air, as well as climbing to the top of the mountains is available to many amateurs, and at the same time, you can set personal records.

You can also go on a picnic, visit various excursions and walk around the castles, breathing in the era of that time. For lovers of raising the adrenaline, there is a fascinating and interesting descent from the mountains, a race carried out on bicycles. A lot of exciting programs and activities await you in Transcarpathia.

The uniqueness of Transcarpathia
The smallest region in Ukraine is Transcarpathian. Most of the region is occupied by mountains, which are located throughout the territory of ridges and massifs. This part of the region of Ukraine is convenient for hiking. In the Transcarpathian region, there are not too large settlements, which are located in the middle of forests and mountains and are remote from the conditions of civilization. However, tourists love it here!

The territory of the region has such a location, which is adjacent to four countries. This made a certain contribution to the development of Transcarpathia. Fascinating vacations, trips and travels will make you look at the area anew.

How to get to Volovets?
Locals willingly go for a walk in the forests, mountains and, at the same time, enjoy the natural air of Transcarpathia. For recreation, many people choose Volovets. From the city you can get by train to Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and other cities.

However, Volovets is not a popular city among tourists, in comparison with other cities, and therefore the cost of accommodation and food here is two times lower than that of Pylypets and Svalyava, although the cost of booking accommodation in these cities of Transcarpathia has not so many offers. Many residents of the city of Volovets are accustomed to renting out their homes through advertisements.

You can return to Volovets and stay in the Faina Dacha holiday house, the owners of which rent the second floor with all the amenities to tourists. However, there is a peculiarity here:
excellent audibility of the conversation;

with a large flow of people - the possibility of queuing in the shower cabins;
poor connection and the Internet, depending on the number of people who are accommodated in the house, but this does not matter if you come to rest.
In general, this is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and with a beautiful view of the mountains.

When traveling from Volovets to nearby villages, one should not hold onto the hope of transport links. You should find out the train schedule in advance and take into account that many buses and minibuses pass through the second bus station, located on Karpatskaya Street, at the exit. Try not to mix up the routes.

Cafe in Volovets
At the Volovetsky train station, which rests against the market, you can buy goods and food, as well as all means of protection from the rain and rubber boots. This purchase will be useful to all tourists and travelers, because the roads in the villages are not so good, and when trying to conquer the mountains, you cannot do without them.
It is advisable to buy a certain amount of products in this part of the market, or a little lower - in the central part of Karpatskaya Street.

There are pharmacies, shops, cafes and ATMs here. Also, there is a bench with a charger, which is powered by solar batteries.
There are many 5-storey buildings in Volovets. There are several churches. Regarding catering, there are 4 cafes on Karpatskaya street:
Kav Yarnya

The cost is average, per person within 100 hryvnia.

You can, of course, eat from the hosts you are staying with, or prepare your own food.
Also, in Volovets works:
Supermarket "Rukavichka"

Fresh pastries, meat, sausage products can be purchased at the Family Bakery.
Drink good coffee - at the corner of Pushkin and Fabrichnaya streets.
What to do with yourself?

Volovets is a city where you can really relax, take a walk in the fresh air and enjoy untouched nature. There are many different birds, which are especially active in the spring. But rare animals do not really make contact. However, due to deforestation, it is necessary to beware of lizards and poisonous snakes - it is better to walk in closed shoes.

Volovetsky forestry has transport restrictions, but sometimes mountain bikes can enter it, so you should be careful.
The convenience of traveling through the Volovetsky Mountains lies in the well-trodden paths that can be seen from afar. You can also not be afraid to climb the mountain peaks directly along the paths that pass between the two lakes, leading to the forester's house.

The house is bright yellow in color with the usual cladding technique preferred in the area. The house looks like a rich manor, but is now in a state of neglect. Earlier rich diplomats stayed and rested here.
From Volovets you can also drive to various interesting places, and if you have your own car, you can open a wide view. You can use the services of carriers and guides who can take you from anywhere and at the same time tell interesting facts from the history of these places.

Volovets from Pylypets
The mileage between cities is 17 km. Pylypets is the most famous resort, which is famous. There are many private holiday houses and hotels. The cost of rental housing in the winter can rise several times. During the winter season, people enjoy skiing here.
Most of the shops in the city are open around the clock.

The lift is open in the summer. On the site of Mount Gemba, there are many different terraces where you can have a delicious lunch. Here you can walk and enjoy the surrounding mountain air, atmosphere. Tourists and travelers are expected by off-road vehicles that can even go to the top of the mountain.

If forces allow, you can climb independently along the paths, the distance is 1.5 kilometers, which is about 3 hours on foot. However, it is worth taking care of practical shoes and clothing due to strong winds.
For those who have not been to the Carpathians :)