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How to Divide a Land Plot 2021

The question of dividing a land plot arises quite often. But, in order for everything to be done correctly, and most importantly, officially and legally, you need to know some legislative nuances.

Division of lands
In order to divide a land plot, it is necessary to collect a certain package of documents. First of all, you need to pay attention to the fact that the basis for the division of the land plot is a statement from the owner. It must be certified by a notary.
Further, the development and execution of technical documentation is ordered from the land management organization, on the basis of which the division of the land plot will subsequently be carried out. In addition to a notarized statement, representatives of the land management organization will also require:

Photocopy of passport and owner identification number
A photocopy of title documents for land, depending on the situation, it can be: a donation or exchange agreement, a state certificate, an act of purchase and sale.
It happens that one land plot is owned by several persons at once - the so-called common share ownership of co-owners.

In this case, the notary must draw up an agreement between the co-owners for the division of the land plot.
It should be noted that the procedure for dividing a land plot does not imply a change in the purpose of the newly formed land plots. It remains the same as the original site even before it was split.

In some cases, for a section of a land plot, it may be necessary to conduct a cadastral survey, Registration of technical documentation in the SLC and an extract from the cadastre. This is necessary in cases when:
The site must be divided in equal parts;

There are buildings on the plot.
The land management organization prepares technical documentation for the division of the site, and transfers it to the local authorities of the State Geocadastre. There, registration of new plots formed as a result of the division of the original land plot is carried out. After that, the cadastral registrar of the state organization issues extracts confirming the registered changes.

Each of the newly formed plots receives a new cadastral number, which is indicated in the extract from the cadastre. After the registration of the documentation for the division of the land plot, the right of private property can be registered for the newly formed plots.

To do this, with an extract from the inventory, you must contact the center for the provision of administrative services or a notary office. There you can register the ownership of each individual site.
As for the unification of land plots, the procedure does not practically differ from the division of a land plot. True, this situation is much less common in practice.
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