the village of Krivorovnya

Plot in the forest $28,000

For sale a land plot of 1 hectare, in the village of Krivorovnya, Verkhovinsky district.

A plot of land for sale in the Carpathians in the village of Krivorovnya, Verkhovynsky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region with an area of ​​1 hectare, worth $28,000. There is a stream near the plot, there are other plots around, which are also for sale. Near the site there is a stream that does not freeze in mild frosts.

Land plots in the village of Verkhovyna and its region

Buying a land plot in the Carpathian Mountains is profitable and modern. Lands are acquired here for their own construction, as well as for the development of the tourism business, that is, the construction of recreation centers, cottages, green estates. If you are thinking about purchasing a land plot, make up your mind soon, as the value of the land in this region shows several times growth every year. Indeed, 10 years ago, land in the Carpathians could be bought for ridiculous money. Now the situation has changed. But taking into account the current crisis, prices did not drop for long, and this is a good moment for investments. If you want to clarify the cost of a specific piece of land in the forest, call us, we will tell you everything about the property that interests you

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