the village of Yablunytsia

Buy the earth in Carpathians of 0,55 hectares $120,000

Plot in the mountains overlooking Hoverla and Petros for business

Land for sale overlooking Hoverla and Petros in the resort village of Yablunytsia, Yaremche district.

The area of ​​the plot is 0,55 hectare.

It is possible to divide the plot into two parts, or in half, or 25 and 30 hundredth. The price per hundred square meters will then be $ 2,400.

-There are two springs with water on the site!

-There is a power line nearby.

-The year-round entrance through the pass will be on two sides, one at the top (road 4 m wide), the second at the bottom (3.5 meters wide). The second race from the track only for cars with high ground clearance.

-One and a half kilometers to the cottage town of Skogur, across the field 500 meters (from the edge of the site you can see the complex)

-Below there are coffee shops, farmsteads, a shop.

-To the highway to Rakhiv 300 meters

- Goat lift 600-650 m

-Mountain of Peppers to 400 meters,.

Distance to Bukovel 8 km, Yaremche 30 km

A great option for using the site for business. Given that the construction of single-storey cottages is planned nearby, for sale.

The neighbor is a very decent and friendly person

This area is worth your attention!

Ability to connect 100 Mbit fiber to the Internet.

The cost is $ 120,000

A small bargain is possible

Land plots in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Buying a plot in the Carpathian Mountains - is a profitable investment. Land in this part of Ukraine is acquired for the construction of a house or cottage for themselves, as well as for the development of tourism, ie the construction of recreation centers, cottages, green estates. If you are thinking of buying a plot, decide faster, because every year the value of land in this region shows an increase of several times.

Ten years ago, land in the Carpathians could be bought for little money. At the moment, the situation has changed. While the situation in the world and the country is changing, real estate prices in the mountains have fallen for a while, and this is a good time for investment. If you want to clarify the price of a particular plot of land in the woods, call us, we will tell you all about the object that interests you

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