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What are the common mistakes people make when buying a house or plot

When choosing a land plot or a house, buyers often do not pay due attention to the location of the object, according to experts. City dwellers are accustomed to the fact that usually everything is located nearby: hospitals, shops, stalls. But when choosing a summer residence, you need to find out the proximity of settlements, how you can quickly get to the first-aid post, shops.

You also need to look not at the general cosmetic repairs, but at the condition of the house, its main characteristics: wear of the roof, foundation, walls. The area of ​​the building is also an important point. If you plan to live in a house with a large family, then this must be taken into account.

Plus, heating shouldn't be too expensive.
A good house or plot will not cost less than other similar properties on the real estate market. Plus, the seller can be dishonest. More often there are problems with the status of the land. Protected areas, where construction is strictly prohibited, are a striking example.

It is best to involve an expert, he has enough experience to properly assess the house or plot. He will conduct a full examination, deal with all the documents, and also will not forget about the pitfalls in the transaction.

Ukrainians no longer want to live in cramped apartments
The coronavirus epidemic has caused a sharp demand for country houses and summer cottages. Many people now wish to move to the countryside. For example, a resident of Kiev Irina Shevchuk said that all year her family dreamed of buying a small house outside the city.

They went to see different options, but could not choose the right one. At the beginning of winter, they started looking again after a short pause, and found an excellent brick house, located 30 minutes from Kiev. The seller dropped the price a little. In addition, all the furniture was sold together with the house, as well as a plot of 20 acres near the forest.

According to statistics, if the demand for real estate in the suburbs continues, then next year prices are expected to increase by 10-15%. The desire for an alternative to urban housing has swept the masses in 2020, and the trend continues. Ukrainians began to think about changing their lifestyle due to the pandemic and restrictions that are in effect due to quarantine.

But even without this, many are tired of the poor sound insulation of high-rise buildings, scandals with neighbors, the inability to find a place to park a car.
Experts point out that a new kind of buyers has emerged. These are those who wish to move to the suburbs: they have recently begun to think about it or are exploring the benefits of such an investment.

Until recently, this sector of the market was dormant. Since 2008, there has been a surge in activity for the first time in 2020. Moreover, even in autumn and winter, the growth in demand did not decrease, as was traditionally in the past.

Features of demand for suburban real estate
Initially, when they just started to introduce quarantine in Ukraine, the demand for renting out-of-town housing began to grow. Already in the first week, when severe restrictions were announced, there were no advertisements left for renting houses at a cost of up to $ 2,000.

The most popular areas are Vyshgorodskoe, Odessa and Obukhovskoe highways, but prices there have risen to $ 5,000-7,000 per month.
But buyers did not show similar activity. They did not react so quickly to changes, but over time, there was a revival in this segment of the market. After the lockdown was canceled in the summer of 2020, there were 30% more deals for the sale of suburban properties in comparison with the previous year.

Country house, real estate, housing market
People were not looking for huge cottages, hectares of land. On the contrary, houses of modest size are in demand - up to 130-150 sq. m., located 30 km from Kiev. Their cost is from 1 to 3.5 million UAH.

But demand began to show up in all market segments. People began to take an interest in houses, which are located 70 km from the capital and cost up to 25 thousand hryvnyas. The demand for townhouses with a cost of up to 80 thousand dollars has increased, and the share of such transactions is 72%. Also, buyers are interested in houses up to 200 sq. m
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