Elite cottage complex $ 500,000

Located on a cozy 2 hectares in the forest by the river. The area of all cottages is 340 sq.m. + security house 30 sq.m
A profitable luxury complex for sale in the Carpathians, consisting of cottages, in a forest, on a land plot of approximately 2 hectares. Total living area + security house - 370 sq.m.
Quiet and cozy place for your guests to relax. One of the important points is the absence of neighbors!
In one of the photos, a place is marked in red, which is specially prepared to expand the capabilities of the complex. The area of ​​the plot is 30 acres and refers to a plot of 67.28 acres (for running a personal peasant farm for running a personal peasant farm).

The complex is located in the village of Migovo, Vizhnitsky district, on the river bank.
A ski resort is located next to the cottage complex.
A well-equipped and ennobled territory with video surveillance, on which there is: -large house in the "Chalet" style with a wood-fired sauna.
- two guest houses,
- a house for protection,
-two small lakes,
-heated swimming pool,
- two gazebos - open and closed,
-those. premises
- a covered place for storing firewood.
All rooms are in perfect condition, both inside and outside !!!

A large two-storey house with an area of ​​180 sq.m., built in 2016 in the Austrian style, fully equipped with all necessary furniture and modern appliances and on the floors there are:
1st floor:
living room with fireplace is a great place for a cozy family time. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, a bedroom, a wood-fired sauna, a toilet and a shower.
2nd floor:
Three bedrooms from which a wonderful view of the forest with the lake opens. Large terrace with exits from 2 bedrooms. Toilet and shower.
Two options for heating the house - solid fuel (wood) and gas boiler.

2 guest houses of 30 sqm, built in 2018, one bedroom each. One house was built entirely from a log house, and the second from bricks. They are fully equipped with furniture and necessary household appliances for a comfortable stay of your guests.
Equipped kitchen, separate shower and toilet.
At the entrance to the cottage there is a terrace for spending unforgettable evenings overlooking the lake and forest
Electric heating in the cottage.
Guest house with three bedrooms, built in 2014 from wood. On the ground floor there is a living room for a cozy pastime, an equipped kitchen, a shower and a toilet.
Equipped with all the necessary furniture and appliances for a comfortable stay. Heated in two ways - electric and gas.
House area - 120 sq.m.

The purpose of the plots of which the cottage complex consists:

1. Purpose 1.8- for the construction and maintenance of a residential building, utility buildings and structures Area: 0.25 ha

2. Purpose: 1.2 for running a personal peasant farm Area: 0.25 hectares

3. Purpose: 01.03 - For running a personal peasant farm For running a personal peasant farm Area: 0.6728 hectares

4. Private property Purpose: 2.2 hayfields Area: 0.1 ha.

5. Purpose: 01.05 - For individual gardening For individual gardening Area: 0.12 ha