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How is the correct appraisal of land plots carried out?

Nowadays, not only ordinary Ukrainian citizens think that the cost of land in the country is significantly exaggerated. Now this fact is confirmed by professionals. Experts say that almost 80% of all land plots offered for sale in Ukraine are overstated. The real underlying reason for such a value is not at all the compliance with the market value of the land, but the seller's elementary desire to get the land at the maximum cost.

However, an erroneous assessment of a land plot can be avoided, the main thing is that when performing an assessment, be guided by the recommendations of expert specialists.

Presence of buildings and location
According to experts, such parameters as the location of the land plot and the number of objects built on it, combined with their quality, form almost 70% of the total value of the land plot. If you look in more detail, then in these 70 percent 40 falls on the location of the land, and 30 - on the quality of buildings erected on the site.

Pay attention to the fact that in certain cases this distribution can be changed taking into account the individual geo-location or technical characteristics of a particular object.
At the same time, the location of the object will not always be a decisive factor. For example, the cost of a good-quality summer cottage located on a site remote from the settlement will be approximately the same as the cost of a summer house far from the capital construction, located in the nearest suburb.
But, there are also opposite cases in which the building located on the site, on the contrary, will reduce the value of the land. For example, the price at the auction can be significantly reduced by the flimsy frame-panel house located on the site. In fact, he himself does not provide any value to the buyer.

But in order to demolish it and subsequently erect a capital structure on the site, additional costs will be required - money for the demolition of the structure itself and the removal of construction waste. By the way, these services, especially in hard-to-reach places, can cost a substantial amount of money.

The shape and size of the site
The impact on pricing of such an indicator as the size of the land is quite logical and understandable. No one will be surprised by the fact that a plot of 6 acres and 12 acres will cost differently, even if they are located on the territory of the same dacha cooperative.

But it turns out that such a technical characteristic of a land plot as its shape is a rather controversial point.
If the plot is of the correct rectangle shape, then its owner may well count on an amount of 10-15% more than the owner of the plot of an irregular, for example, triangular shape.

Purpose of the land plot
It is the use of a land plot permitted by the state for a specific purpose that determines, first of all, the target audience interested in a particular land plot. The purpose of the land has a significant impact on its value.

If the intended purpose and, accordingly, the type of permitted use of the land does not suit a specific buyer, he will not consider this site as a planned acquisition.
The type of use is directly related to the value of the land plot. In some cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine, the intended purpose can be changed. However, this is again an additional column of expenses for its acquisition.

Ownership documents
Documentation of title is obligatory for the buyer. Having made a sale and purchase transaction and, after it, having no documents on the right of ownership, the buyer runs the risk of being left without his own money and without a land plot. If documents are missing, it is better not to buy land.

As an exception, individual cases can be considered in which the documentation is only partially completed, and the land plot itself is really like it. Then the buyer should, together with the seller, complete the procedure for registering the ownership right to the end and only after that proceed with the procedure for registering the sale and purchase of land. The seller and the buyer can distribute the costs of paperwork between themselves by agreement.

By the way, if you personally encounter such a situation, remember that the need to wait and additionally draw up documents beforehand is an excellent reason to demand a discount on a land plot.
Seasonal factor
The season during which the sale and purchase transaction is carried out, in fact, cannot have any effect on the value of the land plot. True, this does not prevent some sellers from raising prices for plots in the spring. For some reason, it seems that in the spring, summer cottages are purchased much more often than at other times of the year. True, this opinion is erroneous and, as a result, the seller will still have to reduce the cost of the land to the general market value.

By the way, according to experts, this is precisely the situation that developed on the land market in the spring of 2021 - the calendar spring did not lead to an increase in land purchases and the ice only moved after the snow melted.

Summing up
If you have carefully read our recommendations, then no doubt you will be able to correctly assess your land plot without overestimating your expectations. It happens that a land plot is not for sale at all. Most often, the reasons may be the following:
At the site there are disputes over borders. There is no sense in putting up such land for sale. Of course, if the owner is not going to hide this fact.

It is also almost unrealistic to sell a land plot to which the local authorities are interested. For example, the area of ​​their interests may include lands on which they plan to build commercial or industrial facilities, roads or multi-apartment housing estates.
A plot in an environmentally unfavorable region, a land plot located in the immediate vicinity of garbage dumps, power lines or facilities where hazardous production operates, cannot be of interest.

At the same time, there are land plots that can be sold very profitably. These include large plots of land in the immediate vicinity of picturesque lakes or woodlands, as well as areas located on a hill with magical landscapes opening from it. Moreover, even those of them that are located in a dead-end area, far from public roads.

True, in order for such a site to be assessed dearly, it is necessary that all the main communications be connected to it. And, of course, one of the most important factors affecting the cost is the environmental situation in the region where the land plot is located.
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