the village of Kryvopilya

Plot in the village of Kryvopilya
47 hundredths $1,100 hundredth

The site has both a flat part and an average slope. There are no neighbors nearby.
Plot of 47 hundredths in the village of Kryvopilya

Plot of land is for sale in the village of Kryvopilya, Verkhovyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Area: 47 hundredths. The site has both a flat part and an average slope. There are no neighbors nearby. Access to the plot is 1 km on a dirt road, and approximately 2.5 km to the asphalt. Budisky Monastery is nearby. A very beautiful view of Mount Kostrych. Nearby there are two plots of 50 hundredths.

The price per hundredth is $1,100.

Karpaty Dream sells plots in the Carpathian Mountains. For the past 20 years, we have been trying to help buyers who have contacted us to buy the best of the best land in the forests of Western Ukraine. Many people have moved to the Carpathian region over the past 10 years, because their activities are related to the work of online sales. Other clients buy a plot of land in the Carpathians, moving away from the bustle and dense population of multi-million cities. Another category of potential investors - to invest and expand tourist business destinations in the Carpathians, or to build a cottage in the mountains, with a further reason that it is very profitable recently, because there are more people ready to buy ready-made and modern construction than options that satisfy demand for the purchase of land in the Carpathians. Everything indicates that the Carpathian region is expanding, observing various events in the world. We are ready to hear your request for land or a cottage complex in the Carpathians and make several excellent offers to choose from. Call and we are waiting for you to visit us, our task is to save your time and €.

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