Land in the village of Krasnik

Land 0,08 hectares in Krasnik $25,000

Nice plot of land for sale in the village of Krasnik. The site is located in the Verkhovinsky district overlooking the Black Cheremosh river and the Chernogorsky ridge.

Spring water is supplied (all year round, unlimited) and a three-phase power line. Previously, there was a house on the site - it was dismantled and the foundation remained. It can be used for a new build. There are documents for the house.

The land is fenced with a wooden fence and a netting. There is a check-in through a metal gate. Access to the site is year-round by car, which is important in mountainous areas. Gazebos, thujas, smereki, bushes and a canopy with barbecue are also on the site.

Excellent location for a business idea. After all, there is a ski lift nearby in the village of Iltsy. Come and we will be happy to show you the many plots upon your request.

The acquisition of a plot in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in the Carpathian Mountains is profitable and in step with the times. Lands in the mountains are acquired both for individual construction, as well as for earning money from a tourist destination, that is, the construction of recreation centers, ranches, green kalyb. If you are thinking about acquiring land, be sure to decide sooner, since the annual cost of land in this region shows several times growth. Ten years ago it was possible to buy land plots in the Carpathians for ridiculous money. At the moment, the situation has changed. But taking into account the current situation in the country and the world, prices did not drop for a long time, and this is a good moment for investment.

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