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Land in the carpathians

Land in the Carpathians - obvious advantages.
The unique flavor of the Carpathian mountains, crystal clear air, age-old tree crowns in coniferous and deciduous forests, rivers and waterfalls - all this is wonderful and is already an excellent reason to buy a plot of land in the Carpathians.

But, the realities of modern life are harsh and in order to assess the practicality of such an acquisition, it is worth dwelling on some of the nuances in more detail.
What land can be bought in Ukraine

There are the following types of land plots that can be transferred into the possession of individuals, they can be intended for:

agricultural activities;

farming and gardening;

It is logical that it will not be possible to obtain private ownership of protected, natural-conservation, recreational, historical and cultural lands. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think and really decide for what purposes you need the land.

In fact, on the land plot you can do gardening or horticulture, plant medicinal Carpathian herbs, or build a house. By the way, the history of buildings has at least two options for the development of events:

private house for personal use;

business project.
There are no questions with a private house, many people want to pamper themselves with housing, overlooking the mysterious Carpathian mountains. As for the business project, do not forget that the Ukrainian Carpathians with their developed infrastructure and affordable prices are extremely attractive for tourists.

Moreover, they come here not only from all regions of Ukraine, but also, practically from all over the world.
Therefore, as an option, you can buy a land plot for the construction of one or more cottages, which can be used for renting out to tourists. In any case, investing in land, given their constant rise in price, has been and remains profitable.

How to buy a land plot
Potential buyers, planning to purchase land, run the risk of being deceived and register the ownership of land that is under arrest or pledged. We relieve our clients of such force majeure by checking whether the owners are capable, their rights to carry out the land acquisition procedure and the transparency of all documentation.

When preparing for a purchase, it is necessary that, in addition to identity cards and IITs, the following package of documentation is present:

confirmation of ownership of land;

expert opinion - assessment of the land plot;

confirmation that there are no restrictions on land;

normative assessment (monetary);

the permission of the spouse (s) of both parties about their consent to the transaction;

Marriage (divorce, death of one of the spouses) certificates of both parties;

Extracts that there are no tax and other prohibitions on alienation.
After carefully checking the documentation, you can proceed to the deal. But, it is worth noting that the provision of this package of documents will be sufficient for persons who have Ukrainian citizenship. If the buyer is a citizen of another state, things are a little different.
Purchase of land by foreign citizens
Citizens of other states can also buy land in the Carpathians, albeit with some restrictions. So far, Ukrainian legislative norms allow non-residents to acquire only plots that are not subject to agricultural use, located in one of the settlements.

But, in each rule there are exceptions, and in this case, these are land plots outside the settlements, which already have real estate privately owned by foreigners (production workshops or buildings, houses). But, this is for today, and how things will be after the All-Ukrainian referendum, no one knows yet.

The documents that must be provided for the transaction are almost the same as for the citizens of Ukraine. The only thing is that all documentation that was issued on the territory of another state must be legalized. That is, to have consular legalization or an apostille and a translation certified by a notary.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the registration of private ownership of the Carpathian lands is not only a pleasant, but also a profitable investment. Having familiarized yourself with what documents are needed for the transaction, you just have to choose the site you like and contact us.
For those who have not been to the Carpathians :)