the village of Perekhresnoe

Dilyanka 0.97 hectares

near Perekhresnoe

80 000 $

Dilyanka 0.97 hectares near Perekhresnoe

Dilyanka in the Carpathians, with a view of 360 m.

Displaced in Verkhovyna district, in the village of Perekhresne. 10 km from the asphalt, there are 9 km of them. The road is easy and you can drive there in a passenger car. The last kilometer to the plot, it is better to go by SUV)

The plot consists of two parts:

0.25 hectares designated for construction.

0.716 hectares designated for agricultural use.

In the village there is a kindergarten, a school, and shops. There is a regular bus.

At the site where the old Hutsul house was, a concrete slab was poured for the construction of a house, according to the project. The slab area is 118 sq. Electricity is connected, there is a spring, a large linden tree is painted on the house, to decorate the move to the new house. And considering that this place has a 360 degree view, there will be a view of the mountains from all the rooms in the house!

Before buying this plot, over 1300 plots were looked at! Therefore, this option can be 10 times better if you are looking for a plot of land up to 1 hectare, with electricity, a well, utility rooms at the beginning, adequate access, and views of the mountains for a million!

Call, write and come for a review!

Price $80,000

Plot photos:
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