Land plot 5 hectares village Iltsy $600,000


Land for sale in the Carpathians with an area of ​​5 hectares in the village Iltsy, Verkhovynsky district. On the site there is both an equal part and a slope, trees grow. There is a road at the bottom of the plot. There is an entrance, but 300-400 m needs to be completed. The plot offers a view of Verkhovyna. There are five state acts (3 for construction, others for OSG). There is no one around, only a forest and beautiful landscapes, since the site borders on the forest of the leshoz.

The price for the entire plot is $600,000.

Karpaty Dream carries out all operations for the sale of houses in the forests of the Carpathians.

Over the past twenty years, we have been helping buyers choose our company to select the best of the best land plots in the mountains of Western Ukraine. Families have already moved to this region because their activities are related to work on the Internet. There are also clients who re-register a plot in the Carpathians, they come from the bustle and dense population of large cities. Another category of our investors for investing and expanding the tourist direction of business areas in the Carpathians, or setting up a hotel in the mountains, with the subsequent sale, since it has been very profitable recently, since demand exceeds supply. This says and boils down to the fact that the Carpathian region is expanding, taking into account various events in Ukraine. We are ready to delve into your request for a site, or a cottage complex in the Carpathians and offer a selection of options. Call us and we are waiting for you, our task is to save your time and $.