Land 40 hundred parts in Krivopolye $130,000


A plot with young smereki with an area of ​​40 hundred parts. Pillars with an electrician pass nearby. Around there are already built cottages for rent with year-round booking. Above the plot there is also construction in progress.

An excellent place for business for the category of people who do not need a noisy and crowded Bukovel. Krivopolye has a special energy for restoring the body and psyche. Calm and peaceful states for you or your guests will be guaranteed!

Write, call, come and we will show you this site or other similar options in the Verkhovinsky district. We carry out the shows on our own car.

Land plots in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Buying land in the Carpathian Mountains is an excellent solution for investing in yourself or your source of income. Plots in the mountains are purchased both for building a house or a cottage for themselves, and for earning money from a tourist destination, namely the construction of hotels for recreation, cottages, green estates.

Thinking about purchasing a plot, decide quickly, as the cost of land in this region increases several times every year. Indeed, 10 years ago, land in the Carpathians could be purchased for little money. At the moment, the situation has changed. But due to the current situation in the country and the world, prices did not drop for a long time, and this is the right moment for investment. If you would like to clarify the cost of a certain piece of land in the forest, call us, we will tell you everything about the object that interests you