Land plot in Verkhovyna 80 hundredth $100,000


Land for sale in the village of Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Land area: 80 hundredth. The plot is flat, well-groomed, trees grow. There is an entrance. Near the river. There is silence, tranquility and beautiful landscapes around.

Price: $52,000.

Carpathians Dream carries out all operations with the sale of cottages in the attractive Carpathians. Indeed, for 20 years, we have been helping future owners of real estate who have chosen our company to select the best of the best lands in the mountains of Western Ukraine. In the last 10 years, married couples have moved to this region, because their field of activity is connected with working on the Internet. The second people buy a plot in the Carpathians, they leave the hustle and bustle and dense population of big cities. Another category of potential investors - for investing and expanding the tourist direction of business plans in the Carpathians or the construction of a cottage in the mountains, with the subsequent sale, because it is very profitable in our time, since the purchasing power is higher than the supply. This speaks and develops to the fact that the western part of Ukraine is expanding, despite various events in the world. We are ready to hear your request for land or a house in the Carpathians and make a choice of several excellent offers. Call and come, our task is to save your time and $