Townhouses on Yablunetsky Pass $162,000


Townhouses for sale on Yablunetsky Pass, 8 km from Bukovel. The total area is 115 m2. On the ground floor: one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen-studio with access to the backyard. On the second floor: bathroom, two bedrooms with wardrobe and access to its own terrace.

Inside the work is done, namely: plaster walls, electricity, plumbing, underfloor heating throughout the ground floor, screeds, m / n energy-saving windows, electric boiler, radiators in each room, metal stairs, brick walls.

External walls: gas block + polyfoam + brick for lining. The roof is metal, the terrace on the second floor is decorated with tiles and marble window sills. Landscaping around townhouses: cobblestones, small fences, grass and decorative trees.

Land (private) in front of the entrance 4 hundredths, and in the backyard 4 hundredths.

Communications: 15 kW of electricity for each townhouse, water, sewer and internet. The territory has security, a driveway, a playground, a very beautiful view of the protected area.

The cost of one townhouse is $162,000

There are five townhouses, selling one or all together.

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