Two-storey house in the Carpathians 88 sq.m. $95,000


Selling a house in the Carpathians for living or doing business. Great location of the plot with a house in the Carpathian Mountains, on the banks of the Black Cheremosh River, Verkhovyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The village of Verkhniy Yaseniv is located 13 kilometers from the village Verkhovyna.

In the Upper Ash, lived molfar Nechay. The house is located next to the molfar yard. Land in private ownership, 25 hundredths. Three living rooms, one hallway on each floor of the house. Furniture and appliances remain. The house was built in 2007. The total area is 88 square meters, a separate veranda 22 square meters, a balcony on the second floor has 17 square meters. A separate hut with a kitchen and a fireplace of 27 sq.m.

Nearby is a barbecue hut. A separate room is a two-storey unfinished bathhouse of 40 sq.m. there are bathrooms with pool. Bath readiness, about 70%. In the yard swing. Unfinished fountain. On the mountain gazebo with a magnificent view. Sold in connection with the move. A plot of 25 hundredths allows you to build a mini-hotel, restaurant, rental, etc.

COST: $95,000.

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