Krivorovnya village Verkhovynsky district

Land plot 1.08 hectares

Land for sale 1.08 hectares, in the village of Krivirivnya, Verkhovinsky district

Land for sale in the Carpathians, surrounded by trees. Access by SUV even in winter. Wooden house with an area of ​​50 sq.m. On the site there is a mountain stream and a small waterfall !!

The area of ​​the plot according to the documents is 1.08 hectares, in fact it is 1.5 hectares. There are trees on the plot. There is a small old house.

An excellent option for those who want solitude with nature, silence and themselves.

There is one neighbor at a great distance, there is no civilization. If you wish, you can bring the poles with electricity (approximately $ 80 per kW. Power), drill water or put a filter for additional water purification from the stream For such a paradise in the bosom of nature, the price is very reasonable! to view this and other similar sites, you need to lay one day!

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In one of the pictures, a red line is drawn - this is the road along which you can drive an SUV. Until the site itself, you need to walk another 200-250 meters, or make a separate entrance.

Periodically, wild animals visit the site.

Buy a land plot in the Verkhovinsky district.

Acquisition of land in the mountains has recently become very profitable and somewhat prestigious. Plots in the mountains are purchased both for the construction of a house or a cottage and for business - the construction of recreation centers, ranches, green kalybs, hotels, hotels grow several times. But ten years ago, land in the Carpathian forest could have been bought very cheaply. But at the moment the situation has changed dramatically, due to the current crisis and restrictions on movement in the world and the country, prices have temporarily decreased, and this is a good moment for investment. We will select for you a plot in the mountains of the Verkhovynsky district, according to the specified parameters and the required area

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