Krasnik village, Verkhovynsky district

Construction of houses and cottages in the Carpathians

Turnkey construction of houses in the Carpathians
Two-storey house in the mountains with communications and an entrance. Three rooms, living room.
Panoramic windows through which you can see the mountains and the forest. Beautiful landscapes can be seen from home.
House box before finishing works - $ 300- $ 500, per sq.m ..

Average cost per sq.m. a house or a turnkey cottage - $ 500-650 per sq.m.

The cost of built housing with furniture and all household appliances: $ 700-850 per sq.m.

The formation of the price depends on the type of foundation, selected materials for the frame, insulation of walls and floors, roofing materials and the type of roof.

and the initial parameters of the site (presence or absence of light and water), access to the site is year-round or only in dry weather.