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Construction of half-timbered houses and cottages in the Carpathians

Construction of frame cottages in the half-timbered style
Karpaty Dreame is engaged in the construction of half-timbered houses. There are ready-made options for already built frame cottages and houses, both for personal use and for doing business, renting out cottages in a closed area
Modern half-timbered houses

Fachwerk is a frame construction, another name is "sail wall". Such blocks can be connected horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The gaps that formed as a result of such connections were filled with bricks, adobe or wood. Then they were plastered together with the beams, leaving visible the overall geometry of the frame, which also acquired design properties.
Our company provides services for the creation of various projects of houses in the style of half-timbered houses. Houses are first created in projects, and then assembled from blocks. During the construction of half-timbered houses, glued wooden blocks are used. Our experts will provide you with projects of half-timbered houses with the possibility of replacing the gap between the supports not only with glass, but also with other materials.
Modern building technologies

The rapid development of the finishing materials industry stimulates the popularization of the half-timbered style.
Thanks to the high quality of materials and various fasteners, it is possible to create lightweight and simplified designs. Many elements have lost their functional necessity, some are not required at all. There are fewer constituent elements, but this did not affect the main characteristics. Such changes greatly contribute to the advancement of this style.
Modern materials are more practical and durable. Solid logs are replaced by glued logs, which are durable and reliable. This reduces the number of supports required. Interbeam spaces can be filled not only with bricks and clay, as in the old days, but with those materials that will meet your requirements. Panels can be used, they have excellent heat saving and noise canceling characteristics. That is why the need for a large and capital foundation has disappeared.
How does the construction of a house begin?

Designing a house for clients begins with the presentation of all catalogs of half-timbered house projects. If the client has a private project, experts agree on the construction time. The method of creating a half-timbered house allows you to introduce into the project all kinds of shapes and contours of the building, there are no restrictions in this matter. Interior furnishings and room designs are also available in all options. Even the most complex or bizarre wishes can be implemented in a project.
Careful and accurate adjustment of all parts ensures the solidity of such a structure. To achieve the maximum result, the accuracy of measurements, observance of scales and parameters is necessary. In most cases, the achievement of such a result is guaranteed only by the use of special stationary equipment.
The initial stage is to fill the foundation. It is a concrete slab, about 20-30 mm thick. Then the editing takes place. All stages of construction are strictly regulated by the requirements of the project documentation. The frame beams are numbered for ease of assembly and are treated with special substances that will protect the tree from the sun, water and pests. Then the fragments of the frame are fixed to the base.
The next stage includes work on mounting external openings of walls and partitions. The work is carried out in stages on the roof, the installers work with windows and doors. Specialists are engaged in the installation of the heating system and various communications. The final stages of construction are finishing work and painting. The frame house is ready for use in a short time.
Panoramic windows as an alternative to blank walls

Contemporary architecture is characterized by straight lines with the advantage of spacious flat surfaces and large windows. The half-timbered style is famous for the combination of these features.
The main highlight is the panoramic glazing of such houses. A window that replaces a wall is a rather unusual phenomenon. That is why specialists always pay special attention to describing all the advantages of this option for the client.
First, the maximum daylight. Secondly, the panoramic view. The location of the house can be as close to trees or other natural objects as possible. Large windows create a sense of presence, while small windows provide an opportunity to see only a few details. Such an interior venture will become part of the home environment.
In many villages, only the facade is left glass. There can be a dining room kitchen or a living room. For the rest of the rooms that overlook the fence or neighbors, blank walls are made.
Glazing is made with three-chamber double-glazed windows, the main characteristics of which are selected taking into account the geographical location and climate. For the outside, tempered glass is preferred as it is stronger and more durable. The inner side of the house is glazed with sun-protection or energy-saving glass. This makes it possible to protect yourself from unwanted heat in summer and possible heat loss in winter. That is why modern windows can be of completely different sizes.
Basic design solutions

The interior decoration of a half-timbered house is created taking into account all the features of the style of such buildings. Minimalism, brevity and simplicity prevail here. Narrow, long, hanging details and squat furniture create a sense of independence. The palette of colors consists of pastel colors.
Without any doubt, we can admit that half-timbered technology has a great future. The key to this success is the maximum environmental friendliness, reliability, ease of creation and operation.
Such houses are distinguished by their elegance and harmonious combination of stone, wood and glass. The exterior view of such houses is always inimitable and unique. Half-timbered houses are very durable, meet all operational characteristics and besides are being built quickly. It is these factors that play a major role in the choice of technologies and accessories for the construction of a country house or a personal cottage.

The initial stage in the construction of all houses, regardless of the construction technology, is the laying of the foundation. The basis for half-timbered houses is a reinforced monoblock. All the necessary depth measurements and other parameters are calculated by the designers based on the data on the quality of the soil and the structural features of the building.
Pine beams are used as the basis for the frames of such houses. The construction of the supporting frame is carried out strictly in accordance with the technological documentation, in which the bearing capacity of the building and the relief are calculated. The walls in such houses are not structural elements, but only divide the total area into separate rooms. That is why, for the construction of walls, you can give preference to light and cheap materials.
The frame of the structure is rather unpretentious. Thanks to this, it is possible to use a shallow foundation. These buildings have stable and at the same time light walls, which are fastened together with metal brackets or spikes. Anchor bolts are used to fix the frame to the foundation. The next stage of work is waterproofing and covering with expanded polystyrene to prevent mold and warming.
The technological peculiarity of the construction of such houses is that various materials can be used to fill the sections. The walls inside the structure are filled with slabs for heat and vapor insulation. This step is necessary to prevent moisture from entering the building. All walls are processed and decorated according to the customer's choice. Any interior style can be applied to such a residential building