Iltsy village, Verkhovynsky district

Construction of cottages in the Carpathians

Construction of frame cottages in the Carpathians in the half-timbered style
Construction of houses and cottages in the Carpathians. Frame houses in the style of half-timbered houses, barnhouse, modular, domed, from timber.
On a land plot in the Carpathians, we will build your dream house in the shortest possible time from high quality materials.
There are about 40 houses in the Verkhovinsky district, built by our specialists, which we are happy to show.
Estimated prices for construction work:

-Frame with insulation of walls and a roof, without finishing of external and internal walls - 500-700 $ per sq.m.

-With finishing works and connection of all communications on a turnkey basis
750-1000 $ per sq.m

-Finished house on a turnkey basis with the arrangement of the adjoining territory - $ 1000-1500 per sq.m.

The price of a house or cottage also depends on the chosen style of the future building.
Call us and we will advise you on your questions.
Technologies for the construction of half-timbered houses

Many experts state that the method of erecting half-timbered houses is at the second peak of its popularity. This method is suitable for the construction of one-, two- and three-story houses. High efficiency of this system in a modified and modernized form.
Wooden logs were replaced with glued and profiled beams. Such racks need additional treatment with antiseptics and other solutions. This is to prevent decay and increase fire resistance.
Panoramic windows in the house
For glazing the gaps between the supports, multi-chamber double-glazed windows are used. Such innovative and efficient materials ensure the heat capacity of the whole house and economical consumption during the heating season.
For panoramic windows that replace the walls outside the house, glass lamination is used. This spraying on glass allows you to protect yourself from the prying eyes of neighbors or passers-by.
The technology of creating houses in the style of half-timbered

1. Basis: USP and waterproofing. Assembly and installation of the frame.
In the construction of simple houses, rafters are installed on top of the first floor fixings. For two- or three-story buildings, the second floor is tied, the supports are fixed, and then the second strapping and rafters. The overhang of the roof can be more than one meter and serves as the main barrier against wetting.
2. Roof. For such frame houses, metal profile sheets or flexible roofs are most often used.
3. Cell processing. Materials: brick, glass unit, foam concrete, clay concrete, wood concrete blocks.
Frame features
The frame itself withstands the main loads, providing strength, rigidity and stability of the structure. It divides the walls into segments and serves as a decorative exterior finish.
Two-storey frame house

The main loads of the entire construction site fall on the vertical supports of the house. The pressure distribution of the main vertical parts falls on the horizontal supports. With the help of inclined supports, additional strength is created for the entire structure.
All elements of the base are connected with metal pins. A single type of creation of such houses uses studs together with a deepening of the timber at the joints.
This method of joining beams is called Herrenbald. This method is characterized by the absence of jibs, which are widely used to create traditional frames. The precise recess at the joints guarantees the stability of the entire frame. Other parts are tightly pressed and must be fixed with metal pins.
Flat roof buildings
At present, the technologies for the construction of half-timbered houses do not at all require periods of time for soil shrinkage. However, the creation of a project and the construction of such houses directly depends on the mentality of the future owners. Glued laminated timber - the basis of the frame, also does not need additional time for shrinkage. If the base is still fresh and damp, there is a need to use additional frame fasteners - grooves, pins, nails and stand for several months. Such houses are commissioned when the walls of the frame are already insulated and only finishing work remains.
For the foundation, an insulated Swedish plate is an ideal option, on which the frame is installed. Such a foundation is strong enough and more rigid, provides thermal insulation for the entire base of the house.
Half-timbered houses design

Interior design is the final stage in the construction of half-timbered houses. It is impossible to choose the wrong one among the many design options. Any interior can be embodied in a half-timbered house. There are no options that are beyond the control of specialists. On the contrary, many designers like to design interiors for such houses, from natural wood to high-tech style.
This style of architecture harmoniously combines stone, glass and wood. Such elements of construction and decor attract attention with their efficiency and originality. Half-timbered buildings are practical and durable.