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Profitable investment - buying land in the Carpathians

In 2003, a teacher in the capital's museum, who was fond of green tourism, decided to go on vacation to the Dolyn region, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The hospitable owner of the house, where the traveler lived, made him a very advantageous offer - to buy a land plot with an area of ​​7 acres. He then paid $ 500 for the land, i.e. the price of 1 are at that time was 71 dollars. Today, he is offered $ 30,000 for this land. But the teacher does not intend to resell the site yet.

Lands in the Carpathians are as valuable as in the Crimea or Kiev region. And prices for plots are growing every year. If you believe real estate experts in Ukraine, then on average the cost of land in Ivano-Frankivsk region. grew by 10-15%. According to statistics, for example, if we take 2004, land plots have risen in price by 300%.

The most expensive price tag for land that is sold in tourist developed settlements. For example, buy a land plot in the village. Palyanitsa, Bukovel resort zone can be bought for 20 thousand dollars for 1 are. Lower prices will be for land in Yablunitsa, Yaremche, Vorokhta - from 4 thousand dollars per 1 are.

Also, the price tag is high on land in the Lviv region. For example, in the resort area of ​​Truskavets, the price for 1 are ranges from 6-8 thousand dollars. The purchase of a plot in Slavskoye is more affordable - from 2.5 thousand dollars per 1 are.

The price of real estate is also growing in the Transcarpathian region. Land plots in Khust are sold from 1.5 thousand dollars for 1 are, in Svalyava - about 6 thousand dollars.

Buy a land plot

Buying a land plot is a specific process, to which it is better to involve someone who understands real estate. It is necessary to select and purchase land in conjunction with a professional who is familiar with the history of the site, can accurately assess its investment value.

The intermediary is obliged to know everything about the plot for sale: from the nuances of privatization to the definition of the boundaries of the land, so that the buyer gets the plot that he specifically wanted.

Ivano-Frankivsk region belongs to the investment region. And, in order to become the legal owner of the site, it is important to know the real value of the land. For example, an investor decided to build a cottage, which means that he needs to choose a site that will be in demand among vacationers.

If you invest in a site that will be located somewhere in a remote area, far from tourist attractions, it is unlikely that such housing will be in demand. But it is possible that the situation will change over time, it is from this underestimated piece of land that the owner will benefit.

Let's return to the case with the museum teacher: when he bought the land, there was nothing around it except the forest, and today this land is actively developing the area. And the teacher himself is completing the house so that he can later earn money by renting it out to tourists.

Price segment

Investing in land plots in the Carpathian area is profitable, but there are areas that periodically suffer from floods and landslides, it is not at all profitable to be the owner of such a territory. Therefore, before purchasing a site, collect as much information as possible about it and be sure to check if the area is prone to natural disasters.

Land prices in the western regions of Ukraine

Approximate prices for land plots:

Ivano-Frankivsk region - from 3 to 20 thousand dollars for 1 are;

Lviv region - from 3 to 15 thousand dollars for 1 are;

Transcarpathian region - from 1.5 to 6 thousand dollars for 1 are.

To summarize: buying a land plot in the Carpathian area is a profitable investment of money, especially if the land is located far from the river. A profitable purchase is a plot in a tourist area in a mountainous area. For a year, the cost of such land will increase by 10-30%.
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