the village of iltsy. Verkhovynsky district

Two two-storey houses in the Carpathians for $ 62,000

House area 140.8 sq. M. Construction of a house in 2015. Walls - log cabin. Number of rooms - 8
Two two-storey buildings, located on land plots of 15 acres, near the regional center of Verkhovyna (6 km). The village of Iltsy is a fairly large Hutsul village located on the Black Cheremosh River. Connected communications: electricity, water (water and sewerage are autonomous).
On the ground floor there are 2 rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a boiler room (wood-fired boiler).
On the second floor there are 5 rooms. The total area of ​​the second floor is 94 sq.m. There is a balcony
The house is 80% ready, it is necessary to finish the bathrooms
There is an attic and a terrace. A fireplace is built in the living room on the ground floor.
The village has several cafes and a large number of private gardens. In summer, time can be spent picking mushrooms and berries, in winter, skiing. Year round horseback riding and mountain hiking.
There are documents, both for the house and for the land.
PRICE: $ 62,000

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