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Buy a house in the Carpathians

Everyone who has visited the Carpathians at least once feels an irresistible desire to return to places of such pristine beauty once again. But why leave when you can buy a house in the Carpathians and live forever in these amazing forests. Permanent residence in the center of the "lungs" of Ukraine radically changes life, moreover, it changes for the better.

Advantages of a house in the Carpathians Fabulous areas located in the Carpathian Mountains, mighty trunks of centuries-old trees, seething rivers with noisy, raging waterfalls and crystal clear air filled with healing elements of nature, not spoiled by city smog and exhaust gases from cars - all this is enjoyed daily by the inhabitants of the Carpathian mountains.

A house in the Carpathian mountains is the dream of everyone who takes care of their health and appreciates silence. It is much more pleasant to wake up in the morning to hear the iridescent trills of birds than cursing neighbors behind the wall or the noise of the highway outside the window.

As for health, the healing power of nature here is simply at every step - in juicy berries and fragrant mushrooms, in the smell of the first spring primroses and the aroma of coniferous forests. Comfort and infrastructure Choosing a house in the Carpathians, you should not be afraid that once, in fact, in the forest, you will experience discomfort associated with the purchase of food, clothing or medicine.

These difficulties have long been a thing of the past, and in each of the settlements in which the houses for sale are located, there is a developed infrastructure that provides comfort even to the indigenous city dwellers, who are accustomed to a diverse range of goods and complex services. Thus, purchasing a house in the

Carpathians is not only an excellent investment, taking care of your health and tranquility, but also a rich, full-fledged civilized life in the bosom of nature. As for the locality, you can choose it in accordance with personal preferences.

Settlements It is impossible to find an ugly place in the Carpathians, so the choice of a house in the mountains or in a certain settlement depends solely on what is more to the liking of the buyer. The catalog of houses is constantly updated, some houses are being sold, others are being put up for sale. The choice of settlements is quite large and is also regularly updated:
Iltsy and Krivorovnya;

Green and Verkhovyna;

Krivopolye and Dzembronya;

Verkhny Yaseniv and Kosov;

Dzvinyach and Old Fox;

Bohorodchany and Yaremche;

Kalush and Mikulynychi.
This is not a complete list of settlements in the Carpathians where you can buy a house in the forest. Ivano-Frankivsk region is rich not only in natural beauty, this region has a special aura of spiritual cultural heritage, energy-rich architectural monuments,
museums and theaters.

A large selection of plots allows you to choose the location of the house: in a city or village; by the river; in the mountains or in the forest. Thus, you can decide whether you want to settle in the settlement itself or prefer a colorful forest glade located far from prying eyes. But, in addition to choosing a settlement, we also offer a choice of the buildings themselves. Someone prefers a natural wooden frame, others prefer brick buildings.

We meet our customers halfway, therefore, the houses presented for sale with us differ not only in the materials of construction, but also in such indicators as: number of storeys; number of rooms; options for insulation and roofing; the presence of a garage and additional outbuildings; water supply and sewerage system; window structures.

Some of the houses we have presented have chic terraces and verandas, on which, in good weather, you can put sun loungers and enjoy the fresh air. Lovers of romance will love houses with a fireplace, near which it is so pleasant to spend winter evenings. In order to choose a house in the mountains to your liking, you need to carefully read the presented photo catalog and each house in particular.

Better yet, go to the place and see everything with your own eyes. In this case, the fact that buying a house in the Carpathians will be the best solution for you and your family will simply not cause doubts. No one will be able to give up the gorgeous opportunity to settle in the colorful mountains forever and buy a house in the Carpathians.

And our company, in turn, guarantees the provision of optimal conditions for the purchase and registration of documentation for real estate in the Carpathians.
For those who have not been to the Carpathians :)