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Features of duplex construction

Duplex is the most profitable option, but you must follow the rules and regulations.
A duplex building is a building divided into two parts, which has a main entrance divided into floors, while the neighbors share a roof and one wall, which can unite either only rooms or garages. Each cottage is a residential building that owns up to 30 acres of land.

Duplex construction appeared in the 19th century in England, based on the fact that when the children grew up, they created their own family, but preferred to live next to their parents - a new house was being completed to the second wall of the house. Each half of the house had its own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
Characteristics and features

Modern duplexes differ in the following parameters:
the main facade of the duplex consists of two identical parts;
separate entrance for each family;
have 2-3 floors with conventional design;

in certain rooms, residents install personal water meters to account for the supply and consumption of hot and cold water, as well as electric meters and other individual devices. In this case, everyone pays only for their own apartment;
usually large windows are installed in such houses in an attempt to reduce the cost of paying for heat and light.

There is also the construction of houses for 3 families - triplexes, for 4 families, these are quadrohouses, in which residents live in corner apartments. A house with apartments divided into sections is called a townhouse.

What's the Difference
Duplex construction involves dividing the house in half, and the townhouse divides the house into 4-8 parts, while each tenant has a personal entrance to 2-3 floors. What makes it similar to a 2, 3-storey residential building, which consists of several entrances and has an apartment in each entrance, but with a common house territory. In some cases, a plot of land up to 4 acres is available to residents.

Positive and negative sides
Duplex and townhouse have a mirror layout, which simplifies the creation of the project and reduces the cost of finished housing. The price of a townhouse is lower because the costs are divided not by two families, but by more.

country houses
Duplex construction was originally in large cities and was considered elite. But now it has become available and at reasonable prices. Usually in
They are inhabited by different families and fenced off, emphasizing their individuality.

Now such construction has begun to be implemented as apartments or houses that have certain requirements for the number of floors. You can also arrange them as detached houses with a plot of land.

Pros of duplex construction
A standard duplex has a living space of 100 to 150 square meters and one large family will live in it, for which this construction will initially cost less than an apartment in the city.
Main advantages:
a small number of neighbors;
a small plot of land on which you can build a garage, a gazebo, prepare a picnic area;
fresh air and clean environment;
care and maintenance is divided into two families, while at minimal cost;
a family can live in one house, and rent out the second part.

Cons of duplex construction
If you buy a house and there are neighbors, you need to get to know them better in order to understand how pleasant it will be for you to solve common issues with them.
What decision to make
Due to the current situation, buyers are increasingly interested in information about renting, buying houses, and in some cases people make mistakes when making decisions.

The most common mistakes buyers make:
does not talk about his plans;
does not examine the surroundings;
does not pay attention to the facade;
pays no attention to the interior.

In case of agreement and coincidence of interests, it is better to fix the deal in order to immediately protect yourself. Because country houses are in great demand and the buyer can be offered a better price for selling the house;
The lack of shops, pharmacies and other facilities, as well as the presence of empty areas in the future may lead to full development. And you can only dream of high-quality environmentally friendly air;

If the house was built recently, this does not mean that it was built with high quality and will stand for many more years. It is necessary to pay attention to the supporting structures, the repair of which will cost much more than the cost of the house. In the best case, it will be necessary to order professional advice from specialists, as well as check the basement and roof. It is better to identify the problem in time than to scold yourself later.

Many buyers are faced with the fact that the seller shows the house along with household appliances and furniture. And the buyer thinks that everything is included in the price, under such circumstances, you should clarify what exactly is included in the price of the house, and if possible, take a picture of all the objects, make a list and let the seller of the house sign.

However, it is better to notarize everything and come to inspect the house in the company of one or two more people, but before that, make a list of the most necessary things that should be in the house.
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