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Real estate and construction in the Carpathians: popular suburban real estate

What they buy: demand and prices in the real estate market

The most popular option among all types of suburban real estate are "turnkey" houses, which have an area of ​​about 120-150 sq. m. According to statistics for the last year, the price of such objects increased by 5%. At the moment, the average is UAH 13,000. for 1 sq. m. But in each region the prices are different. For example, on the territory of the Carpathians, the cost of 1 sq. m. in cottages is 18,000 UAH.

The second most popular type of real estate is summer cottages. They are suitable only for seasonal living, but they also cost less. The third place in the rating of popular real estate is occupied by land plots that are suitable for individual construction, that is, you can build cottages on them.

Further in the popularity rating of objects are apartments and townhouses, but mainly private houses, summer cottages and plots are the leaders. By the spring, the demand for these objects has increased greatly. People began to think about their own low-rise housing. This trend continues to this day. By the fall, the market cooled slightly, but in the middle of the season it began to gain momentum again.

It is better to buy a plot in the summer, because you can immediately see what is located on it. But in the winter it is easier to find out whether the purchased house will be warm.

Frequent mistakes when choosing a house and a site

According to experts, most often potential buyers do not pay attention to such an important parameter as location. Those who live most of their lives in the city are accustomed to the fact that everything is located nearby. In this regard, they pay little attention to how to get to the site or house, which settlements are nearby, whether it is possible to quickly get to a store or a medical center.

In addition, you need to focus not on cosmetic repairs, but to check the characteristics of the house: the year of commissioning, the deterioration of the structure, the area, the cost of heating services. It is necessary to correlate price and quality.

According to experts, if a house or plot is good, then it is unlikely that its value will be lower than that of similar properties on the real estate market. Even if you want to find a cheaper option, you need to be careful. It is better to involve a specialist in the process of finding housing. He will be able to competently assess the property, as well as check the foundation, roof, all communications, the quality of the septic tank, the thermal conductivity of the walls.

Another important item in the list of actions when choosing a house or a plot is checking documents, especially if the option with lending is used. There are many references, receipts, contracts, and it is rather difficult to study everything on your own. In order not to fall into the hands of scammers, it is better to consult with experts. There are protected areas where it is forbidden to build houses. You also need to take into account that you can build a house on a garden plot, but you will not be able to acquire such a territory under the rural lending program.

When choosing a house, dacha, plot, it is best to trust the professionals. Then the whole process will not be accompanied by stress. Experts with many years of experience are well versed in all the nuances of real estate and will correctly conduct a purchase and sale transaction.
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