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Briefly about the Carpathians

The Ukrainian Carpathians fascinate everyone who comes here with their beauty. Here the air is filled with health and joy, around the majestic coniferous forests, amazing natural landscapes and mighty mountain rivers. Every corner is unique and distinctive.


The Carpathian Mountains are 1500 km long, they cross the borders of six countries - Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The mountains are conditionally divided into 3 parts:

The Ukrainian Carpathians belong to the Eastern Carpathians. They are over 100 km wide and 280 km long. The total area is 2,400 km2, and taking into account the Precarpathian and Transcarpathian regions - more than 3700 km2. Compared to mountains in other countries, the Ukrainian Carpathians are lower, so there are no glaciers on the mountain tops. But it is on the territory of Ukraine that the highest point of the Carpathians is located - Mount Hoverla, whose height is 2061 m.

Flora and fauna

The Carpathians are amazing, because it is here that there are virgin forests and rocky mountains with majestic peaks - craters of extinct volcanoes. The forests are predominantly coniferous, but there are also rare species of trees - maple and mountain elm. Many berries grow at the foot of the mountains - blueberries, lingonberries, blackberries. In spring you can admire the beauty of the delightful daffodil valley. On the mountain peaks, there are meadows with rhododendron ("alpine rose") and other types of rare plants. There are more than 2000 such species in total.

In the spring and summer, herds of sheep and cows graze in the meadows. The forests are home to wolves, bears and elusive lynxes.


The climate in the Carpathians is very diverse, this is due to changes in mountain heights, and, accordingly, temperature and humidity levels. The climate is predominantly temperate continental, humid. In summer, the temperature rises to +22 degrees, and in winter it drops to -15 degrees. Summers are hot, but sometimes it rains and winters are mild.

Population and culture
The Carpathians are home to 18,000,000 people! Several ethnic groups live here - Lemkos, Boyks and Hutsuls. Ukrainians managed to preserve their culture and pass on customs to generations. Ukrainians are creative people, among them there are many artists, singers and dancers. The hands of these people created amazing wooden temples, for the construction of which not a single nail was used, and the dignity of these temples are icons written on glass (most of them are now kept in museums).

Ukrainians are very fond of decorating clothes and household items (pillows, towels, tablecloths, etc.) with embroidery, using several techniques, each of which has its own characteristics. Also, Ukrainians pass on from generation to generation the secrets of the ancient art - Easter eggs, and Easter eggs themselves are considered amulets, symbolizing health, fertility, love, prosperity and protection from evil spirits.

In the Carpathian area, there are funny customs, for example, seeing off the shepherds to the valley, who live there from May to mid-September in difficult conditions in wooden buildings - kolyba. Also, weddings are gorgeous here, church holidays are always celebrated (Palm Sunday and others), Easter always takes place with "haivkas", and Christmas with blessings and carols, as well as always with 12 meatless dishes (kutia occupies a special place on the table).


Ukrainians love delicious, hearty and natural products, which is probably why they live long and rarely get sick. Here they especially like to cook various porridges with mushrooms, borscht, baked potatoes with meat, fish, dumplings and pancakes. Also, Carpathian cuisine is famous for its delicious homemade smoked meats. Homemade moonshine and galangal root tincture are the most popular drinks.

Rest and safety

If you are planning to visit the Carpathians, there are several recommendations you should check out:
Be careful with fire, always dig in a fire pit so you don't accidentally burn dry grass around. When you leave, be sure to put out the fire.
Only look for dry branches to build a fire.
Always incinerate trash, do not leave it on the ground.
If after eating you still have tin cans - wrap them on the fire until black, crush them with a stone or an ax, and then drip them so that no one is injured by the fragments.
Do not destroy special buildings for recreation.
Treat springs and mineral springs with care.
Don't pick flowers and berries unnecessarily.
Don't scare the grazing animals.
If you find it difficult to navigate along the way, you can always ask the locals for directions.
When going on a hike, take warm clothing with you.
In winter, resorts with developed infrastructure are especially popular among tourists:

In summer, fans of hiking and equestrian sports come to the Carpathians. Amazing places to visit are the salt caves and lakes, which are similar in composition to the Israeli Dead Sea. We also recommend looking at the local attractions - the ancient castles of Palanok, Shenburn, Uzhgorod and others. We are sure that you are guaranteed to get an unforgettable experience.


The purest mountain air of the Carpathians, as well as mineral springs, have a great effect on the body. Be sure to visit the sanatoriums and tourist centers, admire the picturesque corners. The natural resources of this area help in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver. There are specialists here who treat metabolic disorders, relieve problems with the musculoskeletal system, help cope with heart disease, and also improve the functioning of the nervous and respiratory systems.

Embark on an exciting journey through the Carpathians! It is the ideal place for privacy, wellness and relaxation.
For those who have not been to the Carpathians :)